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When you're sailing on the rough seas of a digital world, it helps to have a solid crew of professionals you can count on. Greyshore is a modern people-driven service that provides research, strategy, delivery, and up-skilling to support your company on every point of its journey.

From cloud adoption and legacy replatforming strategies to digital transformation in preparation for IPO, technology advisory services and beyond, our diverse team of thinkers, builders, designers, and doers believe that the best outcomes happen when we work hand-in-hand with your organization.

Whether you're looking to increase customer value, technology enablement, revenue or more, we can help! Contact us to find out what we can do for you!


Greyshore's vision for collaborative digital transformation.

We take a holistic three-step approach when working with our clients to achieve their desired results:

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Introducing our first mate EDDE (ee-dee) -- an infrastructure scaffolding service that helps your team focus on creating and testing your product ideas, rather then structure to support them. EDDE saves your team time and aggravation by providing the tooling to quickly create a public cloud infrastructure and SaaS deployment platform tailored specifically to your products architecture profiles. EDDE is for...


delivering software products and services, that need to rapidly scaffold ‘fit for purpose’ underlying public-cloud platforms.

State Governments

operating server rooms, that want to move to the cloud but don’t have extensive infrastructure as code knowledge


who want to quickly ‘spin up and spin down’ public-cloud product and service environments for MVPs and product launches.


in need of turnkey innovation labs or new product development platforms.

Software Trainings

that need a turnkey public-cloud platform to support their offerings.


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